Surrender, Leslie

It’s been a long journey. Fifty four years of life and counting. Since I am not an experienced blogger, nor an experienced writer, what better way to start when you feel you have much to share. Much to say. Start. Start right here. Just do it. Just start.

Month’s ago as I was looking through old photos, I ran across my old neighborhood, my old school friends. Neighbor’s, from Lincoln, NE. Cherished photos that mean the world. I posted a few online so those in the photo’s could also see and enjoy. The re-connection has led to this journal, this blog, and It has led to much encouragement. Thus the title. Yes, I was diagnosed with RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy/CRPS 12 years ago.. and counting. By far, that is only one of the many subjects and ideas and thoughts that I want to share. Discovery. Discovery of self, this life journey, the ups and the downs and all the in-between’s. The surrender of keeping it inside, with the hopes of a new discovery of self. Slowly.

In my lifetime, I have survived not only a traumatic diagnosis, but a little bit of so much. Tornados, hurricanes, even small earthquakes. The death of my Mother and Father. Four siblings, three brothers and one sister, whom I love very much. The endless spiral of family addiction of alcoholism, drugs. Near fatal car accident. Healing.  A sister plagued with mental health issues. More healing. Great job. Loss of great job. Money. No money. Feeling alive. Feeling dead. Healing. Having a beautiful home. Being homeless. Married. Not married. Friends. Not a friend to be found. Blessings. A growing family. Living away from family. Wondering where family went. In touch. Out of touch. Healing. My beautiful dog, Riah. Healing. Love. Loss. And life goes on. Deal with it. Push on. Call it quits. Get stronger. Relax. Rest. Do something! Go slower. Politics. Decline. Equality. Inequality. Healing. Hope. Surrender. Breath.

“I am a working class hero, all I ever need is the truth…”   John Lennon


About Leslie Kay

Life and RSD warrior, sarcoidosis fighter and new blogger enthusiast. Lover of... a great cup of coffee. Let's tell stories. Born in Saginaw, MI USA but raised in Lincoln, NE and Norman, OK. Have lived and worked in many states, including Florida and North Carolina. Currently reside in Texas, USA Attended the University of Oklahoma, and have worked for hospital's as a nurse tech and pharmacy tech. Medical waste field as inside and outside sales of bio-hazardous waste disposal. Am a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a friend, a good neighbor. A true lover of life and animals.Spiritual.Devoted. Love nature. Adore the ocean. Like to consider myself somewhat of an activist in today's very confusing political times. A champion of RSD/CRPS and related causes, and those effected by this disease.
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