Collective Evolution: The Spirit of Zeitgeist


With the launching of the Worldwide Wave of Action starting on April 4th, 2014 and running until July 4th, 2014 there seems to be an amazing shift in conscientiousness going on worldwide. It didn’t matter to me that this was the brainchild of former occupy or anonymous. What mattered to me was a much-needed call to action. Occupy and anonymous has the network to get the word around.  Even though I myself do not have an association with either – the word of a “global spring” found its way to me and my laptop about two months ago. It was refreshing.

What I had noticed about myself was an inner ache that was very deep.  Had been pushing it back, pretending it was not there for maybe a year. Maybe longer. Discontentment, confusion, concern, anger, sadness and even disbelief over many issues we face as humans on this planet. From corruption in politics, banks, education, corporate control, lack of truth in media, the poisoning of water and food, homelessness, poverty, income inequality and non-living wages, prison industrial complex, police brutality, privacy concerns, loss of human rights.  I could go on with that list but am pretty sure there is no need.  It was becoming too much heartache. One night I sat and I no longer wanted nor could ignore this ache for one more second. I sobbed. For quite a long time.  I now wanted this emotion and inner turmoil out of my body. It had to come out. A 54-year-old woman who loves her country and humanity so very much, but felt so utterly betrayed.  My heart felt broken, my brain overcome with too much wrong. Too much wrong. I felt helpless and even hopeless. Once I collected myself, I asked:  how did all this happen? Why is it happening? What the hell can I do to help? Of course I had zero answers at the time but it started a journey.  A journey out of those feelings of despair and longing – and into more of an understanding and awareness. A curiosity to find and dig for truth.  So I did.

A revolution inside myself began to happen. Slowly. Started reading anything I could get my hands on.  Dug deep as I clicked from one article to the next, qualifying who the writers were, verifying the information. It just kept going and going and getting deeper and deeper until there it was.  Truth. Simple. Honest. Easy. After I read and read and researched and learned – it just didn’t matter any longer why these things were occurring – not just in the US but abroad.  It no longer mattered to blame anyone. I didn’t want any those answers. They were too ugly. What was done was done.  Greed is what happened. Apathy. Ignorance. Intolerance. What was much more important in my readings and findings and discovering were that people were pushing back. Standing up. Taking their power back – everywhere around the globe. I discovered my hope again, buried way down in that ache I had grown accustom to putting up with – and welcomed it with joy. Contentment. Pride. Fear had met its match and was packing its bags and going home. It was a breath of fresh air like never before. I can breathe again now.

As crowdsourcing begins and spreads like wildfire, grassroots movements are everywhere – and human beings are called to take the challenge of making wrongs right again – I am here now. I refuse to go back. I will stand right next to you, I will support you, I will care for you my brother’s and sister’s. I hear you, I now understand. And I want to apologize it took me a bit to get here, please forgive me. I will not let that happen again.  Thank God I found you. Thank God I did. From my heart to yours, thank you.

  Emmanuel ~

My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.  ~ Aristotle

Non cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.  And I do not plan to cooperate with evil at any point.   ~ Henry David Thoreau,  essay on civil disobedience.


About Leslie Kay

Life and RSD warrior, sarcoidosis fighter and new blogger enthusiast. Lover of... a great cup of coffee. Let's tell stories. Born in Saginaw, MI USA but raised in Lincoln, NE and Norman, OK. Have lived and worked in many states, including Florida and North Carolina. Currently reside in Texas, USA Attended the University of Oklahoma, and have worked for hospital's as a nurse tech and pharmacy tech. Medical waste field as inside and outside sales of bio-hazardous waste disposal. Am a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a friend, a good neighbor. A true lover of life and animals.Spiritual.Devoted. Love nature. Adore the ocean. Like to consider myself somewhat of an activist in today's very confusing political times. A champion of RSD/CRPS and related causes, and those effected by this disease.
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