Evolution: The Collective Agenda – The Rabbit Hole

Humanity Matters

Humanity Matters


Have been away for a bit, and yet have so much to say. This past  early April I started what I would call a journey. Not just any journey, I needed to know some things. Things that you really do not read much about. Things that matter to life and living and love and family and happiness.  Things that have such meaning to the quality of life we – as human beings on this earth, things we try to build and maintain for ourselves every day. Not just in my home or the neighbor’s home, but across this country and throughout the entire world. And I had noticed things missing in our lives, many lives – everywhere. So many of the same stories.

These things mentioned above were not as present in my life as before.  Had I done something? Why were they harder and harder to achieve?  Were they being just – elusive?What was going on? Bear with me here as I really did not plan out this post as I normally would. This is coming from my heart and mind and soul and right off the top of my head. No place else.

There are many things I am uncomfortable with. Uneasy with. As I dove into the internet, deep down into the internet, I was discovering what was going on.  It wasn’t nice. It sure isn’t pretty. In fact, what I was reading and seeing at times was pretty horrific. I found myself in a rabbit hole I didn’t know I was entering.  As I entered the edge of the rabbit hole, I was pushed right over the edge. At first I was curious and kept reading and vetting info and learning. Then I wondered  –  do I want to do this? I am not liking being in this rabbit hole at all. Should I continue? I wanted to get out of there and pretend what I had read and learned just didn’t exist. Could I do that? Nope. Because once you get into that rabbit hole – there is no unlearning what you learned.

In other words – I had to go there. I had to bottom out in this hole before I could start my climb back out.  And I did. It wasn’t easy, don’t get me wrong. Not at all. When you really want to know life, this planet, this earth, what the humans in charge of this wonderful place are doing – not only to the earth, but to the human beings and living creatures on this planet – – it can take you some place you never expected. It can be devastating at first. There is cruelty there, crimes against humanity and earth. Its ugly and dark.  Some of the cruelty is unspeakable. As I walked through this ugly rabbit hole I kept wondering;  what happened to love? Morals? Decency? Why was this even allowed to start let alone continue? Where were the earth’s leaders? Do we have any leaders left? What the hell happened here!

 Unless you go into that rabbit hole and explore around for yourself, take a look… you may only think you know what is really going on. And once you go in – you can’t come back out the same person. I now am thankful for this. I am not the same person. It’s not just the knowledge or the information provided to me by those here at home, in the states or worldwide. Once this begins – it changes your soul.  It changes your heart. It changes your mind to think differently than before. It opens up a piece of your being you may not have known was there – like it did for me.

They say at the end of 2012, the Mayan’s predicted a new era for humans on this planet. Not one of book learned knowledge, but of a spiritual evolution. Evolving to a higher place of being. I found that. I evolved. A spiritual awakening so to speak. A higher level of consciousness was waiting for me once I jumped out of that rabbit hole.  Thank goodness. The missing pieces, the uncomfortablness and akward feelings are gone. It’s not something you can take and claim it as yours or plan it out for it to happen, it just happens. It just does.

Now? I work with  and meet folks worldwide doing many things. Meditating as a collective in a synchronized prayer for peace and meditation is one of them. Had never even considered meditating before.  The energy doing this with 2,000 other souls on this amazing planet is nothing I have ever felt before. Again, I had never considered the idea of meditation before I went down that rabbit hole. It’s now a big part of my life.

I have been involved in many movements and actions to change laws, bring peace, uphold the constitution of the United States of America – a place I love dearly, and many other things.  Change needs to happen, and it needs to happen pretty quickly for us to survive.  I realized in this rabbit hole – it was up to me, no one else. Just me. To join in changing this around, or stand and feel uncomfortably awkward and unhappy – even scared.  No matter what is going on in this world, no matter who is controlling all the bad things, trying to take my peace and happiness and throw confusion and discomfort at me – it is no longer allowed.  It is not acceptable for anyone, anywhere… to do this in my life. Completely unacceptable.  And its my job to keep it that way. Thank you – you ugly rabbit hole – you are full of chaos and noise and ugliness and lies and deceit and everything thats unhuman and unpleasant. May I never see you again. Not ever.

IF we – as human beings, do NOT protect this planet, do NOT love and care for each other – the world will die – and all of us right along with it. Not just in the physical sense, in every way we will see death.  I sure saw death in that rabbit hole. Death of human spirits from all over the world.  WE have brilliant power as humans, as collective humans – to do such great things.

It’s now up to me. I am front and center and I am not going anywhere. Not a chance. The knowledge is here, the rabbit hole discovered  –  I survived it.  I have reclaimed my beautiful place on this earth as I should.  It’s always been there, it’s always been mine for the taking.  This place of mine – belongs to me and no one else. What a beautiful awakening.

~ Humanity matters ~

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live”   ~  Irish Proverb

Dedicated with much love to my Mother, Joanne Marie Hahn Kolhoff – and to her best friend in the entire world,  Carole Lynn Check.  Thank you both for such amazing  love. Rest with angels.  I love you both.

~ Namaste ~


About Leslie Kay

Life and RSD warrior, sarcoidosis fighter and new blogger enthusiast. Lover of... a great cup of coffee. Let's tell stories. Born in Saginaw, MI USA but raised in Lincoln, NE and Norman, OK. Have lived and worked in many states, including Florida and North Carolina. Currently reside in Texas, USA Attended the University of Oklahoma, and have worked for hospital's as a nurse tech and pharmacy tech. Medical waste field as inside and outside sales of bio-hazardous waste disposal. Am a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a friend, a good neighbor. A true lover of life and animals.Spiritual.Devoted. Love nature. Adore the ocean. Like to consider myself somewhat of an activist in today's very confusing political times. A champion of RSD/CRPS and related causes, and those effected by this disease.
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