Shoes ~ The Fight Chooses You

The Encouraged Reveal


Where can you go without shoes? Pretty much.. nowhere. Working as a business professional for many years, I adored and loved women’s dress shoes. Matching outfit after outfit with purse and shoes and jewelry, sheer happiness. How fun to go into the closet and have so many options. Different color, design, function and style. Heaven on earth. And oh, let the seasons change, and there is another selection in the wings just waiting to be strutted about. A special social function such as a wedding – brought sheer joy. Bring out the bling, the oooo-la-la and knock ’em dead shoe! Too much fun.

If I may say so myself, women walk different in a heeled dress shoe. There is a change in the structure of the hips and legs that brings out every women’s inner cougar. Of course we know this. It changes our attitude about how we look as…

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About Leslie Kay

Life and RSD warrior, sarcoidosis fighter and new blogger enthusiast. Lover of... a great cup of coffee. Let's tell stories. Born in Saginaw, MI USA but raised in Lincoln, NE and Norman, OK. Have lived and worked in many states, including Florida and North Carolina. Currently reside in Texas, USA Attended the University of Oklahoma, and have worked for hospital's as a nurse tech and pharmacy tech. Medical waste field as inside and outside sales of bio-hazardous waste disposal. Am a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a friend, a good neighbor. A true lover of life and animals.Spiritual.Devoted. Love nature. Adore the ocean. Like to consider myself somewhat of an activist in today's very confusing political times. A champion of RSD/CRPS and related causes, and those effected by this disease.
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